Engagement models

Consulting Service

Recommended For

Strategy development

Get the help you need to translate your business goals to technology plans before you build your team

Prepare to partner

We can help you define a project in a way that raises your comfort working with a technology partner on your software development needs

Situational assessment

Receive a second opinion about challenges you are facing and recommendations to move forward

Managed Team Extension

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Team Extensions

Our talented technical team becomes an extension of your team, saving you time and resources on recruiting and onboarding

Long-Term Development

Our team becomes as vested in the success of your project as your own team

Ongoing Bug Fixes & Support

You can rely on the team 24/7 for availability and assistance

Agile Team

Recommended For

Smart Delegation

No need to assign internal staff to build a project from scratch

Transparency & Control

It is easy to hand over the requirements to a ready-to-go Agile Team and check in with them periodically

Faster Results

With AgileSquads approach, short interactions guarantee that every step of your project is implemented on time