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Who we are

We are a full-service-based and data-driven emerging startup with technological and geospatial expertise. Our team is made of developers, geospatial scientists, creatives, and data scientists who have worked on several projects for top organizations and clients as freelancers, consultants, on team extension, and on different agile squads before coming together to form the Bedeston tribe.

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Our Story

The Bedeston Story
  1. 2017

    Idea to start a company that will better incorporate technology and geosptial science is conceived

  2. managed team extention


    Bedeston Technologies And Consultancy Services Limited was incorporated in Ghana.

Our Values

Our Believe System


We deliver results at the speed of light. We believe getting things done earlier than scheduled is great, getting it done on time is late and getting done late is not good.


We are honest, transparent and committed to doing what is best for our clients and our company.

Quality of Work

We understand our client's needs and always exceed expectation.


Software & Data Technologies Solutions

Our Software & Data Technologies Solutions Division oversees all web, mobile, cloud, business intelligence, analytics and big data related services.

Geospatial Solutions

Our Geospatial Solutions Division handles all web mapping, drone image analysis, automation projects.

Remote Sensing Solutions

Our Remote Sensing Solutions Division handles all web mapping, drone image analysis, automation projects.

consulting service

Meet the team

Experienced and skilled
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Desire Seyram Sackitey

Chief Executive Officer
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Ben Emunah Aikins

VP, Geospatial Technologies Division
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Elisha Njomaba

VP, Remote Sensing Services Division
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Akunna Anyamkpa

VP, Software and Data Technologies Division